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CESM 5-Disc Study Set

  • CESM's 5-Disc Set includes: 17 sessions, plus vital foundational issues. Messages include: 50 Facts vs. Darwinism, An Old Earth or A Global Flood, Noah's Ark, Dinosaurs, 50 Facts Compared to the Bible, Three-Day Formation of Grand Canyon, The Evil Fruits of Old Earth Beliefs, If the Foundations be Destroyed, Microscopic Man-Astronomical God, God's Word on the Creation Week, Intelligent Design, and more. All are on 4 DVD's; plus there is a reproducible 73-page Study Guide on a CD.

DVD Disc One:

    50 Facts vs Darwinism takes Darwinian teachings from textbooks to museum displays and beyond, showing how real science has been undermined by this unobserved religious belief and why 87% of Christian kids have been turned away from the Church. Shows how to scientifically refute Darwinism in 7-seconds flat!
    If the Foundations Be Destroyed reveals that the USA was founded on Christian principles and why an attack on Biblical Creation is an attack on both Christianity and America's freedoms.
    Intelligent Design contrasts Biblical Creation and the "ID" movement itself to show that, while many Christians are involved in the ID movement, the ID movement is NOT a Christian movement. 

DVD Disc Two:

    An Old Earth or A Global Flood? exposes the unreliability of radiometric dating; where old-earth beliefs come from; why a global flood destroys old-earth beliefs; and shows overwhelming evidence of the global flood.
    The Three-Day Formation of Grand Canyon captures this icon of old-earth beliefs for God's glory and shows how the chasm formed quickly.
    Noah's Ark and Dinosaurs recaptures dinosaurs, another old-earth icon, for the Glory of God and gives great insights into the historical fact of Noah's Ark.

DVD Disc Three:

    God's Word and the Creation Week. Using Scripture to explain Scripture, we find the absolute Truth of God's Word. What does God say about the length of time of Creation?
    The Evil Fruits. Jesus said we are to tell good from bad by the fruit. From Communism to Nazism, from eugenics to abortion, learn how the teaching of "millions of years leading to Darwinism" has undermined the faith of billions of people, as well as the USA, and led to the premature death of billions of people.

DVD Disc Four:

    50 Facts Compared to God's Word shows that Scripture holds up just fine to true scientific facts.
    Microscopic Man - Astronomical God uses incredible visuals to take you from a single human cell to the outer limits of space while revealing the Glory of God.

DVD Disc Five:

    CESM's 73-page Study Guide. Contains 5 True-False; 5 Fill-in-the-Blank; and 5 Multiple Choice questions as well as 3 Discussion Points for each of the 17 video sessions. Leader Guides make it a snap for anyone to lead a life-changing Sunday school, home or Bible study.
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Product Description

From Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries by Russ Miller

CESM's 5-Disc Set includes: 

Updated and revised.  Plus new teachings on Public Schools,Prophecy concerning Creation, Grand Canyon and Grand Staircase information.  This new 5 DVD set include 

ALL FIVE of the CESM "Series" DVDs 

1. The Darwinian Delusion DVD

2. Its About Time DVD

3. Grand Staircase/ Grand Canyon/ Mount St. Helens DVD

4. Biblical Creation DVD

5. By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them DVD


and the following seminars:

  • The Theft of America's Christian Heritage
  • Science vs. Darwinism in the Textbooks
  • Public School Menticide
  • The Foundations - why "Creation" matters
  • An Old Earth or a Global Flood
  • Noah's Ark and Dinosaurs
  • What Scripture Says about Creation
  • FAQs on the Age-of-the-Earth
  • Facts Compared to God's Word
  • Microscopic Man - Astronomical God
  • FAQS on Biblical Creation and Darwinism
  • Block One Studios Award Winning Grand Canyon Film
  • The Six-Day Formation of Grand Canyon and Grand Staircase
  • On the Rim with Russ
  • The Evil Fruit of Old -Earth Beliefs
  • False Christ Shall Arise

This is a 5 pack-multi-DVD set that is loaded with shocking and eye-opening information, that glorifies God and the TRUTH of His Scriptures. 

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